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And IVF makes Three

I've shared a little about my first two children, both were conceived naturally with my first husband.

Well, my current husband was given up for adoption by a 16 year-old who was not prepared to be a mother and as a result, biologically, he's adrift in the world. Something that he has always wanted was to have a child of his own. AND, I have to admit that I wanted another baby. My kids were getting older and I was feeling that itch, so we tried for a while.

Skip a bit of time and shorten the story and we learned that my husband's swimmers were few and far between. So much so that our only option to having a child was to pursue IVF treatment. And so we did.

Have I mentioned I don't like needles. Especially needles every day? Or giant horse sized needles? Or having my hormones toyed with? No? Well, I don't. BUT, it was worth it.

Totally. Worth. It. I'll have to share more tid-bits of that particular journey, but for now, some pictures. Because pictures are the bomb.

Very first picture, two fertilized eggs.

Barely enough time to confirm an egg has found a home

Probably the easiest gender identification ultrasound EVER


The Soldier, The Artist, The Nephew, The Baby

I am so blessed.

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