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Mother & Daughter Time

My oldest recently returned home from being deployed (I can't tell you where, but it was hot). After graduating with her LPN, she joined the guard and they shipped her off for a year, A YEAR!!!! I missed her so.

She got back just a couple of weeks ago and she decided we needed a special evening out.

Do I look short to you? I think I've developed early bone loss and have started shrinking???? Nooooo!!!! I jest :) My darling is just a tall string-bean, always has been. We actually have a connective tissue disorder in the family that makes some of us more prone to long limbs and frames. Anyway, I digress.

My daughter decided to take us out to an evening of Canvas and Chardonnay, a class where you could learn to paint a specific piece and enjoy some wine. She treated on the class and I treated on some pink Moscato. Which was lovely. It was the first time I had an alcoholic drink with my child (legally, anyway), which was kind of weird for me. She had turned 21 while she was overseas.

The class itself was done quite well. They provided a sketch and carbon paper to trace the base drawing on a canvas so that all the artists-to-be would start at the same place. They also provided everyone with the same starting paints.

The instructor then led the class with the same image and colors. It was neat because even though we had the same materials and tools, the usage and mixtures still resulted in each artist putting their own touch on the painting and resulting in unique styles.

I have to also add that the playlist they had going was fantastic!

It is hard to describe the emotions you feel as a mother to non-mothers sometimes. As I was sitting there watching my daughter sip her wine, sing along and paint her picture, I just had a wave of such warmth, pride, and joy... it filled my spirit to the brim.

Over the years being her mother, there were times when I really thought I was doing a horrible job or times when I wanted to tear my hair out, like when she threw the keys and busted my display on the dashboard of the car.... or when the cops brought her home from sneaking out.... ahhhh, good times.

Then watching as she matured, and the first time she surprised me at work just to bring me a coffee. Being surprised and so proud of her when she chose to volunteer to serve our country.

At the end of the day, it was just a simple outing between a mother and a daughter. Not something we do very often. But what it did was remind me, so very much, of how special my daughter is and how much I feel for her. My painting already hangs in my kitchen.

My daughter, who is currently purchasing her first home, has plans to hang her painting in her kitchen as well. It will be a physical object that helps solidify our memories of this evening and our relationship. It's hard for me to verbalize how meaningful it is that we had this activity.

Ahhhh, but the memory of my first baby, sitting and painting with me, it will be with me unto my death and will bring me peace forever more.

For those that have had these moments, cherish them. For those mothers whose little ones are still on their path, know that one day, you too will have these to carry with you.

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