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What's in a license plate?

Personalized plates, do you have one?

The other day, when driving to the grocery store, I was stuck behind a little ford. It was model, blue. I noticed it had a personalized license plate which read, LNS-VLVO. Which I interpreted as Lon's Volvo. Now, I'm not the best with cars, but I'm pretty sure Ford <> Volvo.

Which led me to ponder on reasons behind such personalized plates and the motives people have when slapping such things on their cars.

And naturally, I felt that Dr. Google, all knowing source of information could shed some light on the matter. He didn't know, but he did give me some giggles with links to images of some of the plates that others have shared and I have to ask, are these real? Do people REALLY put these on their cars?

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