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What the blog?

So here we have a sparkling new blog, empty, it's squeaking it is so clean. Where is the clutter (don't worry, that'll be along before you know it)?

I used to have a blog. I used to be active with it. I used to write creatively for my own pleasure. I used to do it regularly. I used to have two children, now I have three. I used to do a lot of things that I don't do anymore and.... surprisingly, a whole lot of new things that I do that I didn't used to do!

I've got a blended family with my older two children from my first marriage and my youngest from my current. I recently quit smoking and my brain is going absolutely nutty and I need something to keep my thoughts and mind occupied. After a quick spin on the internet playing some games, trying couponing and briefly looking into bitcoins... wtf... I decided I'd come back to something at least I'm familiar with and share whatever floats my boat with whoever happens to accidentally stumble across my musings.


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